Maggie Suarez-Calixton

We’re excited to announce the list of women confirmed for PMSThroughArt’s 2011 production! And before we drop any spoilers to the production, we bring you a closer look at each woman involved.

Maggie Suarez-Calixton

Maggie Elena Suarez-Calixton – Producer/Writer/Actor – Lives, eats and breathes theatre.  Her first attempt into theatre was in 2001 at California State University of Hayward. Very shy and timid, Maggie wanted to challenge herself to something out of her element.  She was introduced to a small group at that time called Revival Arts Productions (RAP), by Kevin Correa, the co-founder of RAP. She immediately fell in love with theatre, art, music and dance. After three years of performing with RAP, she continued on to one of their Co-Producers.  In 2005, she participated on her first production with Bindlestiff Studios, Stories High. She was mentored by Ryan Morales as a performer as well as stage manager. The inspiration of the Women’s show in 2007, Fountain of Youth is a 16oz Jar Vaseline, gave her the opportunity to grow as a performing artist. With a collaboration of women and her knowledge that she collected from previous mentors, she helped establish a new Women’s Group, called Pinays Maintaining Sisterhood Through Art.  In 2008, she co produced PMSTA’s first musical, “Love in the Time of Breast Cancer,” written by Gayle Romasanta.  After 2 long years out of theatre, she has returned in 2010 with the direction of Allan Manalo in a new rendition of Banana Fairy. Currently she is producing the next PMSTA show, “Death of a Playa” in October 2011 at Bindlestiff’s new home in SOMA. Along with producing , she is also a member of the Fundraising Committee at Bindlestiff Studios. Involving herself in the theatre community, Maggie hopes to inspire young artists to come out of their shell, share their ideas, and explore the beauty of art and theatre.

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