Ava Tong

We’re excited to announce the list of women confirmed for PMSThroughArt’s 2011 production! And before we drop any spoilers to the production, we bring you a closer look at each woman involved.

Ava Tong

“Life is comedy. Live out loud!” – Ava – Writer/Actor – in a nutshell, laughing until her cheeks hurt. Ava likes to think of herself as an artist-in-training. She is always eager to learn new forms of the creative craft and can never stop learning. Ava began her stage life in 2002 through drumming for Ating Tao Drum Circle and playing kulintang, studying under Master Danongan Kalanduyan. The first show she participated in for Bindlestiff Studio was The Movement Show: Roots, Rocks & Resistance in 2006, under the direction of Lorna Velasco. Subsequently, she went into acting in Stories High IX and The Movement 2 in 2007. She has studied standup comedy under Kevin Camia which resulted in her first standup performance for Deck the Halls with Santa’s Balls in 2007. Her participation in these shows ultimately spurred her to write her first short play “Not Quite Unrequited” for Stories High: 10th Anniversary Show. For this show, Ava studied under Jeannie Barroga and went on to direct a piece in the same show called “Non-Sequiturs” written by Cathlin Goulding. Ava has also studied shadow puppetry under Lorna Velasco and Ramon Abad. Making puppets and molding masks is a lot of fun for her! She is deeply inspired by her peers and loves getting involved in any projects that will have her. Currently, Ava is working towards mastering the art of screenwriting.

Work Sample


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