Ann Borja

We’re excited to announce the list of women confirmed for PMSThroughArt’s 2011 production! And before we drop any spoilers to the production, we bring you a closer look at each woman involved.

Ann Borja


Ann has always loved collecting photographs as a little girl. She often stared and studied these miniature time capsules. It fascinated her how a piece of paper was able to evoke emotions and meaning. Her curiosity began. Her first camera was a Kodak vintage camera, 1988. At the age of 15, she received a full scholarship from Summer Search to study Photography at Philips Academy Andover, Massachusetts. It was at Andover where she first picked up a manual Pentax and learned the essential basics of Photography. The image she produced at Andover, titled “A Table for Two”, won the National Scholastic Art and Writing Award in 1999. The photograph has exhibited in the Corcoran Gallery, De Young Museum, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. At UC Santa Cruz, she studied Photography during her first year.

She had put her passion on hold to study Sociology.  More than 10 years later, she started rekindling flames with Photography, namely digital photography. Ann is solely focusing on preserving black and white photos and is a huge fan of Richard Avedon. Her line of black and white photos is titled, “b17s”; she passionately believes in preserving black and white photos in an age where neon and high saturated images dominate our “miniature time capsules”. It’s her goal for us to be more contemplative and thoughtful about interpreting images/perspectives/meanings/photographs.

Her line, “b17s.” is a riddle and encourages others to figure out the meaning; the person who comes up with the correct answer usually gets a free photo shoot. Ann enjoys photographing people, places and things and usually likes to avoid big crowds. Currently, Ann is working on a black and white portraiture project.

Work Sample


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