Aureen Almario Work Sample

Since we’ve introduced you to the PMSTA Players, we wanted to share some of the work these women have accomplished.


Aureen Almario has been involved in many productions and has held just as many titles. From acting, directing, producing and shadow puppetry, there is probably nothing this woman can’t do. Below is her clever twist on a classic tale, Romeo and Juliet. (And guess who’s casted as Juliet? None other than Maggie Suarez-Calixton).

THE FOB SHOW is a multi-genre production that captures the immigrant experience from a uniquely Filipino perspective.

Through puppetry, scripted drama, sketch comedy, improv, film, animation, song, poetry, live instrumental, movement and dance, this production is the opportunity for the Filipino immigrant community to express, explore, and showcase their existence and interaction with the world at large. The troupe strives to build awareness to bring individuals together in dialogue around immigrant issues.


And here is her recent shadow work for Secret Sidewalks. Also a winner of the 2011 SFIAAFF DIY Contest.



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