Christina Ying Work Sample

Since we’ve introduced you to the PMSTA Players, we wanted to share some of the work these women have accomplished.


This fall will introduce Christina Ying as a writer for stage. But she is no stranger to storytelling. True to her bio, as ‘a dancer first’, she has told many stories through movement and dance. Her most recent work choreographing was last seen in The Bakla Show‘s 2010 “Malakas at Maganda”.

This dance interpretation of “Malakas at Maganda” is based on the Filipino myth, also known as the Filipino Creation story. This short excerpt is on how the sky and sea collaborated with a mischievous bird and created the Philippine Islands.

Story and Concept Written by: Shannon Pacaoan and Aimee Espiritu
Dancers: Elaine Ronquillo, Gemma Calderon, and Skye McLendell

THE BAKLA (tagalog for gay male – mostly stereotyped and ridiculed as the campy effeminate cross-dresser or hairdresser) SHOW aims to educate, challenge, and encourage dialogue among and between different ethnic and sexually diverse communities by means of increasing the visibility of Filipino American LGBTQQI experience through theatrical stage performance. This production exclusively presents and explores the extraordinary and mundane experience of individuals who reflect the distinct influence of being Filipino American and Queer.


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