Shannon Pacaoan Work Sample

Since we’ve introduced you to the PMSTA Players, we wanted to share some of the work these women have accomplished.


Shannon Pacaoan developed her knowledge and understanding of storytelling through many productions as a stage hand, stage manager and in the tech booth. All of which culminated into her first opportunity to produce “The Movement Show: Roots, Rocks, and Resistance” – a show utilizing the weapons of dance, theater, martial arts and shadow.

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All photos by Mike Ricca

Through a series of workshops, The Movement was developed by four Filipino American artists whose performance backgrounds varied, but were eager to share a different perspective of the Filipino American story through dance and movement. Being that Filipinos share a beautiful and yet tumultuous history, The Movement touches upon our ties with our Asian and African indigenous roots, Spanish and American liberators, leaders, families of strong women and nurturing men, wars, migration for survival, brotherhood with each other and other people of color, passions, and joys. 
The Movement is a collaborative project, in which cast members contributed ideas, inspiration, and choreography to explore issues of colonization, violence, hatred, love, family, and resilience.


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