Ava Tong Work Sample

Since we’ve introduced you to the PMSTA Players, we wanted to share some of the work these women have accomplished.


Ava Tong has been seen on and about a stage either performing other people’s work or her own doing hilarious stand-up. But the past few years, she has been focused on getting her own scripts performed on stage. Below is an excerpt from rehearsal of “Not Quite Unrequited” written by Ava Tong, produced by Bindlestiff Studio in 2008 for Stories High 10th Anniversary Edition. Directed by Christina Ying.


Bindlestiff Studio has offered affordable and professional theatrical workshops through its signature production, Stories High. These theatrical workshops aims to teach and refine the skills of beginning to intermediate theater artists with a focus on writing, acting and directing for the stage, culminating into an original, full-fledged theatrical production. These workshops are open to anyone, novice, or intermediate, interested in getting involved with community arts through our workshops in Playwrighting, Acting, Directing, Stage Managing, Publicity, and Production. Stories High hopes to discover, cultivate, and nurture new and emerging artists.



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