Mission Statement

Pinays Maintaining Sisterhood Through Art (PMSTA) strives to support and strengthen Filipino American women’s capacities in the world of art-  theater, performance, literature, visual art, and music. 


from 2007's The Women Show

Founded in November 2007 by cast mates of the Bindlestiff Studio production, “The Fountain of Youth is a 16 oz Jar of Vaseline,” directed by Gayle Romasanta, Andrea Almario, Aureen Almario, Maria Ann Borja, Kat Evasco, Nicole Maxali, Jamie Nallas, Gayle Romasanta, Tonilyn Sideco, Maggie Suarez-Calixton, and Ava Tong, decided to continue to meet outside of theater. They each felt that the attrition rate of women in theater and art in general was high. They sought to ask why and found support in each other, as each woman embarked in juggling milestones in career, education, and/or motherhood. Members of PMSTA encouraged and motivated each other during workshops held at their homes. Brainstorming for new shows, creating original music and stories with each other’s support was the beginning of a woman’s art collective that wanted to ensure other women would be inspired to continue artistic work with or without a core group. The group continued to define itself and it’s want and need to become a learning ground to build capacity in the Filipino American community of women who wanted to further their skill sets in the arts, build a theater going and art supporting community, and a place to support stories where women were and are the center of the stories and not the objects. In it’s fourth year, PMSTA projects strive to also ignite dialogue about 21st century Filipino American politics, women’s roles at the center of it, and best of all , support entertainment that can be anything it wants to be- funny, cruel, maddening, soft, beautiful and ugly,  yet thought provoking about truths, issues, and realizations of a live fully lived through art.

Cast of 'Love in the Time of Breast Cancer'

In 2008, “Love in the Time of Breast Cancer,” written by Gayle Romasanta was the first full musical production that was developed from the monthly workshops. The group was supported by organizations such as Bindlestiff Studio, South of Market Health Center, California Pacific Medical Center, and Hyphen Magazine. The second production, “Death of Player,” is scheduled to premier in fall 2011 at the new Bindlestiff Studio.


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