Are You Ready?

October 13-30, 2011

8PM Thursday – Saturday

photo by Kelly L. Kalagayan

Photo by Eunice Nuval

They’re coming for you!

After one year of planning, meeting, and workshopping, PMSTA’s exciting project for 2011, “Death of Player,” is almost here!!!  Written by Aureen Almario, Andrea Almario, Shannon Pacaoan, Maggie Suarez Calixton, Ava Tong, and Christina Ying, “Death of Player” pushes the idea that in living life to the fullest, one must die to fully live. Initially conceived as a show that lamented loss of youth and innocence, it has since then evolved into a thoughtful, provocative look into the phases of womanhood, decisions made at each intersection, and living and dying with chosen life paths. With a live band incorporating indie, hip-hop, show tunes, and everything in between, the show is sure to provoke with the absurd truths of larger than life theater. Stories include a mail-order-bride game show that shouldn’t be so funny, but is; a  murder mystery of a cheating lover, where there is no mystery as to who done it; a look at dying early – or wishing one could to hear heartfelt eulogies of ones greatness; the undoing of a family when  someone discovers a hole and an electronic eye in the bathroom; and (gasp) self help books do help chain smoking, smart women conquer emotional trauma- with a little imagination. Directed by Ann Fajilan and writing facilitation by Gayle Romasanta, this production is not to be missed!


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